Our Mission

The SG Foundation, Inc. (SGF) mission is to provide financial support to organizations and institutions involved in the research and treatment of substance abuse.  SGF anticipates making the majority of its grants in the Washington, D.C. region. 

The Foundation will be awarding the majority of its grants in the area of adolescent substance abuse treatment and prevention and will be seeking to identify worthy areas for social investment that may include the following:

-       Substance abuse research

-       Education and prevention

-       Diagnosis and treatment

-       Family support

SGF anticipates that it will provide 2-3 grants annually and will be following model that closely resembles what is often known as “venture philanthropy”. Of paramount importance to the Foundation is to support entities that have a high degree of accountability and transparency so that SGF’s Board can measure the impact and performance of its financial support.  It is a goal of the Board to develop partnerships with substance abuse entities in the areas of prevention, education, diagnosis and treatment with the objective of maximizing the impact of its resources. Grantees that can demonstrate quantifiable results are more likely to qualify for ongoing support from the Foundation.


I who once crawled across the floors of crack houses now live in Chevy Chase with my husband and our healthy son,” writes one graduate. “I’m living out my dreams in dignity. I have Sidney Shankman to thank.
— Second Genesis Graduate