april 2018

Second Genesis Foundation makes grant to
Mentor Foundation for Shatter The Myths Youth Rally

Empowering Youth to Shatter the Myths about Drug Misuse

For the eighth year, Mentor Foundation USA partnered with the Embassy of Sweden, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and other key partners to host a ‘Shatter the Myths’ youth rally, giving youth a voice to address the threats of drug and substance misuse.

‘Shatter the Myths’ is a program designed to dispel myths that youth have about drugs such as “Everybody is doing it” and “One time will not harm me.” By focusing on the innate talents’ youth have and providing a platform to make their voices heard, youth become their own advocates for staying drug–free. This innovative peer-to-peer model for drug prevention is well-documented and nationally recognized.

The 2018 ‘Shatter the Myths’ event was held on April 11th at House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. 150 high school students from Washington, D.C. interacted with a top U.S. scientist and inspiring guest speakers to “shatter the myths” about drugs and substance misuse, and pledge to also stay drug-free. Participating schools included: Idea Public Charter School, Phelps ACE High School, The Field School, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School and Capital City Charter. 

MArch 2018

Second Genesis Funds $10,000 Grant to Montgomery
Police Department Foundation

Second Genesis Foundation funded a $10,000 grant to the Montgomery Police Department Foundation to support the MPD’s Narcan program.  Second Genesis Foundation matched the proceeds raised at the Sam Quinones Event hosted at The National Press Club and the grant will enable MPD to purchase close to 100 Narcan kits, an essential part of treating opioid overdose patients.


MArch 2018

The Second Genesis Foundation Presents
An Evening with Sam Quinones the author of Dreamland

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As part of its mission to educate and assist the DMV community in the prevention and treatment of addiction, the Second Genesis Foundation will hosted an event on March 21, 2018 at the National Press Club with Sam Quinones, author of the renowned book Dreamland. Opening remarks will be made by U.S. Representative Ann Kuster of New Hampshire, Co-Founder of the Congressional Bipartisan Heroin Task Force. Quinones will then share his insights from writing the book before sitting down for a question and answer period with the audience moderated by NBC 4 News Co-Anchor Wendy Rieger.

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ABOUT THE BOOK: In fascinating detail, Sam Quinones weaves together two classic tales of American capitalism: The stories of young men in Mexico, independent of the drug cartels, in search of their own American Dream via the fast and enormous profits of trafficking cheap black-tar heroin to America’s rural and suburban addicts; and that of Purdue Pharma in Stamford, Connecticut, determined to corner the market on pain with its new and expensive miracle drug, Oxycontin; extremely addictive in its own right. Quinones illuminates just how these two stories fit together as cause and effect: hooked on costly Oxycontin, American addicts were lured to much cheaper black tar heroin and its powerful and dangerous long-lasting high. Embroiled alongside the suppliers and buyers are DEA agents, local, small-town sheriffs, and the US attorney from eastern Virginia whose case against Purdue Pharma and Oxycontin made him an enemy of the Bush-era Justice Department, ultimately stalling and destroying his career in public service. Dreamland is a scathing account of drug culture and addiction spreading to every part of the American landscape.

january 2018

Second Genesis Funds First Half of $50,000 Grant
to Lily’s Place

In 2017 and 2018, The Second Genesis Foundation provided funding for the Lily's Place Family Foundations Program which is designed to educate parents and caregivers on the complexities facing their infant with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) while also ensuring the family unit is healthy.  Their social worker meets with each parent and/or caregiver to assess their current needs.  Family Foundations allows us to train, educate, and refer individuals to treatment (or other resources) in accordance with the needs assessment performed by the social worker.  Our director of nursing oversees the hands-on training which is provided in-house to each parent or caregiver.  This training involves everything from therapeutic handling techniques to how to properly secure a car seat.  The Family Foundations project seeks to end the generational cycle of addition and promote a healthy family unit.

Lily's Place, a West Virginia based non-profit organization,  provides observational, therapeutic and pharmacological care for nearly 100 infants every year suffering from prenatal drug exposure. These treatment activities give Lily's Place the opportunity to serve approximately 200 parents, caregivers and family members each year.


Second Genesis Foundation has entered into a partnership with The Biscuit Factory, LLC.

Second Genesis Foundation has entered into a partnership with The Biscuit Factory, LLC. in the production of an independent feature documentary film project.  WRITTEN OFF  challenges the stigma of opiate addiction by unravelling the intricate web of a single addiction story.  In addition to production of the film, the project is mounting an outreach effort via screenings and discussion panels to help audiences gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding addiction.  The project is also reaching out to policy makers, leaders and educators.

The Biscuit Factory produces factual programming for networks such as National Geographic, Discovery and Smithsonian Channel.

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Second Genesis Foundation Announces Grant to Community of Concern

The Community of Concern is a partnership of parents, students, schools and other organizations working together to keep youth alcohol, tobacco and other drug free, using science as the foundation.  The centerpiece of the initiative is our award-winning booklet, compiled by a committee of parents from Georgetown Preparatory School and reviewed by experts.  ‘A Parent’s Guide for the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use’ has spread in a grass-roots fashion and there are nearly 2 million copies in parent’s hands in 37 states and 4 countries.

The Community of Concern has a team of nationally prominent neuroscientists who translate their research into lay terms so that both parents and students can understand the negative effects of alcohol and other drugs on young brain development.  By joining together, parents, students, schools and other organizations are able to participate as a group in the effort to prevent alcohol and other drug use through education and cooperation.  Together we are stronger than alone.

Second Genesis recently funded a grant to Community of Concern to provide working capital, finance customer initiatives and to update and upgrade their website.

Principals of both organizations can be reached through their respective websites:

Community of Concern   (

Second Genesis Foundation   (



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